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Comedy TV Series The Middle (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) was released in by American Broadcasting Company Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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In the heart of Indiana, the Heki family lives. This family is not rich and has an average prosperity, but struggles to stay afloat, plunging into the abyss of insane everyday life. The wife turns from the last strength, so that the house had order, coziness and food. Unrealizable desires of a woman are accompanied by insane ideas that do not always end with joyful moments. To all this, her kids have a difficult age. Sixteen-year-old son is the oldest of children, and he already manages to break his parents’ car. The thirteen-year-old daughter has many complexes, which she cannot cope by her own. Junior is six, it is difficult for him in the new school team. Funny episodes based on dramatic situations, followed by lyrical and family scenes are shown in the TV series The Middle.

The mother of three and car saleswoman Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) lives with her little cozy husband Mike (Neil Flynn) in Orson, Indiana. The daily routine of the pair is determined by the concerns and needs of the three children, the 16-year-old Axl (Charlie McDermott), named after Guns N ‘Roses singer Axl Rose, housed in a rebellious phase. His younger sister Sue (Eden Sher) suffers her braces and her previously failed attempts to make something special. The youngest son Brick (Atticus Shaffer) is an intelligent bookworm something like the black sheep of the family.

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The main characters of the Comedy series “The Middle” season 10 are a very specific American family. Though not all of them are able to Express feelings, but each of them is definitely tied to the other, especially parents whose children are here forever to leave the house. Two of them careless Alex and clumsy sue, attending College close to home, so very often visit your ancestors. Custom kid Brick is also no longer a little boy, because the guy will first year in high school. Autumn comes. Frankie and Mike finally waiting for the happy sue from Dollywood, where she spent the summer playing the girl from the well in the musical. Spouses are content with rare for hours meetings with children and think that those will cease to bring them a huge amount of trouble, as it was before, but again goes awry. Axel for the first time, asks parents not to leave the house to have sex with a new girl, and so falls in love that he asks to organize a gala dinner where he will present his girlfriend April. Frankie seems to be pleased with the turn of events, but acquainted with a girl she sees that she’s dumb, because even he can’t remember the way to the toilet in their house, and also believes that in the alphabet not less than 35 letters. The woman in horror, because if the son will connect the life with a stupid blonde, their children will definitely wear jeans on hand. Along with this, April takes all the attention Axl and doesn’t even give the family the Heck to do family Christmas photos without her participation and violates all the plans for Frankie. Sue is also good, because she forgot to extend the deadline of the financial help of charity organization, which paid for her College tuition. Mike tries to solve this problem, but there is only one way to pay for school from personal funds. The Bank account of the Heck is just eight dollars, so a loving father to sell his part of the business of diapers, to save the future little girl. Sue annoying parents that constantly pulls at his crazy boyfriend Duncan, who’s constantly accuses of eating meat, indifference to the environment and continues to cuff himself to any object, organizing strikes against the indifference of people to nature.
Brick tries to make friends with the cool kids and start life from scratch in high school and even growing hair, but his only friend and remains a backpack, Yes a freak Cynthia, even fat men of Troy take on the football team quarterback. Axl accidentally hears the mother insulted his girlfriend, and therefore renounces the family. The situation may not fix neither Mike nor sue, because in fact everyone hates the blonde. Axel ignores thanksgiving with family and not going to come home even for Christmas, but in the end he did and does hopeless stupidity he’s getting married in April and after comes in with a confession to his sister. It turns out that the girl’s family also don’t like her boyfriend, so narrow-minded couple decided that they do not need and went to the registry office.

Family guys in the series find reasons for divorce but just after divorce process the couple goes out to eat pizza. Family idyll Heck does not last long, because get on with parents Axel again sits down their necks, moved from the trailer home and arranges a terrible mess. Frankie begins to dream that he found a job and finally moved out, because the guy graduated from the fourth course, and now a College graduate. He dumbfounded ancestors decision to go with Kenny to Europe homeless and return to autumn. Frankie said, that once Kenny is ready to bring yourself a ticket for a friend, the son must take advantage of extremely the opportunity to see the world and different life. Mike was raging, as it believes that the son continues to postpone adulthood by then, and will never find work.

Frankie for the first time in life goes against the will of the spouse, and learn that Axl was obedient to the father, happy home revolution is going to have time to take son to the airport. New friend sue, who she accidentally scratched the car, helps crazy family to send the graduate on the other end of the world. Frankie happy, because Axl would be the first person in her very poor family to see the world outside of Indiana…

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