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Drama, War & Politics TV Series Medici: Masters of Florence (season 1, 2, 3) was released in 2019-12-02 by Rai 1 Channel. Serial was created by , directed by . Cast include Richard Madden, Dustin Hoffman, Guido Caprino, Stuart Martin, Tatjana Nardone, Annabel Scholey, Jack Roth. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10.

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I don’t know why or why I love various historical and documentary films so much, where they tell us about past events, about the life of great people, their actions and actions. After all, it was they who made our story, it is thanks to them that we live this way and see all this around. Therefore, I am very interested to learn more about all sorts of fascinating facts and events about our history. Therefore, I adore artistic and historical paintings and try to view them as far as possible. After all, we don’t know much about how our state was formed, how sciences developed, relations between states, what events preceded this all. After all, there were also many wars, uprisings and overthrows of power, therefore the history of any state is very rich and fascinating. To be honest, at the very least, we still somehow know our history, even if its basic and important events, with regard to the history of other states, this is already much more complicated. Indeed, many are not even interested in this, but someone knows something in fits and starts and does not know how to tie it all together. But we are a highly educated people who have a huge amount of information that can be obtained in any form. Therefore, we must know the significant world events and the people who made history. So even with the help of films and series, you can learn a lot of new and interesting things. Therefore, today I would like to share my impressions of one rather fascinating, exciting, dramatic and vivid series called “Medici: Lord of Florence”. In general, this surname is very famous and common, but only few people know why it is so glorified and who did it. It’s not just that she’s heard by everyone, because it sounds beautiful. After all, the Italian language is really very elegant and beautiful, but for some reason only this surname stands out. It is about this genus that will be discussed in this series. This picture is a great work of the stunning and wonderful director Sergio Mimic-Gezzan, who really creates amazing and incredibly vibrant works. His new project takes us many centuries ago, or rather, we find ourselves in the thirteenth century in Italy. It turns out that it was from this time that this genus managed to glorify itself and for the past seven centuries their history has captivated, carried away and intrigued, since there still remain many mysteries and incomprehensible situations that we all would like to know. After all, as soon as the best historians did not try to get to the bottom of the truth, there were still a lot of mysteries and secrets. After all, what was there just — betrayal, jealousy, love, and a longing for power. Indeed, as now, at that time people understood that power gives everything that only people with money and status in society can achieve anything. Therefore, they paved their way to all this by any means. It is clear that this family made an invaluable contribution to the history of this state, both in the historical and in the cultural sense. Probably. It is for this reason that the creators of the series still decided to give preference to these heroes, because there really is something to tell and show about them, they loved power and could sweep everything in their path going to their goal. It’s clear that the events of this work will take place in Florence,in one thousand three hundred and forty-two. Even somehow it’s unusual to hear such a date! Very entrepreneurial and smart Giovanni de Medici did his best, as he was able to organize his own bank, which was very well reflected in their position in the city, now the family has much more power and opportunities, which gave them various privileges and honors. Moreover, twenty years ago they had a very favorable and good agreement with representatives of the papacy. Only very soon, Giovanni dies, under rather strange and incomprehensible circumstances. After him, there remained his two sons, Lorenzo and Cosimo, who would also have a hard time, because the enemies absolutely did not want their power to be further strengthened, they made every effort to ensure that the Medici family no longer figure in power. Since the Medici really had a lot of opportunities, they also patronized the wonderful artists and sculptors who really created real masterpieces and made an invaluable contribution to the art and history of Italy. It is clear that such behavior could annoy anyone and make them just hate these people, it was Rinaldo degli Albizzi who was the representative of one of the noble factions. He was very concerned that poverty and the poor began to become more active, trying to rise from their knees and striving to take a ruling position. Only now, the Medici had not only serious enough and strong external enemies, there was also enough anger and envy in the nutria of the family itself. Cosimo and Lorenzo are completely different and unlike each other brothers, who can’t find a common language or agree on anything, each of them considers his point of view to be correct and true, therefore the relationship between them cannot be improved. Also in family life, too, everything is quite complicated and there are a lot of problems that not one of the brothers is trying to solve. Yes, they have sufficiently strong and strong political and financial unions, but this does not beg for the fact that each of them does not have a huge number of novels, from which many children were born. And those in turn, only a little getting to their feet, tried to claim their rights and cling to the piece of power put by him, which the Medici family has. We can say that this city simply becomes a battlefield, where there is a fairly fierce and merciless struggle for power. These people have absolutely no friends, relatives whom you can trust and somehow rely on them, everyone is ready to give for the sake of power, for the sake of money and fame. Therefore, in this world, everything has its own price and no one can believe it, because all these events are followed by quite unpleasant and difficult consequences, which you will learn about a little later. The series really turned out to be very rich, exciting, interesting and exciting. There is a huge amount of intrigue, conspiracy and betrayal, sometimes you can’t even believe what is happening on the screen, but these are relatives and friends. So here you should think over and reflect on a lot, I am sure that you will not remain indifferent from what you saw, it’s really worth it. High-quality, vibrant and intriguing work! Thank you all for your attention and all the best!

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